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I am a single and proud mother to four youngmen. I come from a very small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Seriously, it is " God's Country " . The people in the U.P. will take their shirts off their backs if it means helping a person in need. I am an a Alumni of Northern Michigan University. I also attended Incarnate Word College in San Antonio Texas. Incarnate Word College is a Private Catholic College and the campus is filled with wonderful teachers, students, and beautiful old buildings. I am so blessed to have attended both schools. I am a Army Veteran, and I believe that our nation does not understand just what soldiers do for all of us. We owe soldiers so much, they have fought and continue to fight for our freedoms, even if it means they lose the battle due to death! I remember every day " Freedom is not Free ", and we have to quit taking it for granted. I have an amazing three legged cat princess. I named her Princess to remind her that she is a beautiful kitty. I will make this disclaimer, I swear like a trucker sometimes, I make up words, and I am very opinionated. I like to debate, so if you like to debate, check this blog out!

It’s Been Awhile, But I have A Good Excuse

I have missed writing. It seems like months, actually it has be that long! Well, I have to spill the beans, my kids are on their Summer Break. They go to school under an “All Year Schedule.” So they were … Continue reading

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I am on Pinterest. I love all the resources, and I have used many and they work!  What I love to pin is fashion, Haute Couture Fashion.  I went to college during the days of the “Super Model”. My favorite … Continue reading

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Please and Thank You!

I am not an ancient old lady. I come from a very large family, with a very large extended family. We are loud, funny, sarcastic, and full of love. We love getting together, we are big huggers, kissers, eaters, and … Continue reading

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Good Day’s, ey!

UNC denies veteran, 26, in-state tuition as she left North Carolina for a few months three years ago when the Army moved her husband to Texas This is just another example of how Veteran’s are shit on for defending our … Continue reading

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