It’s Been Awhile, But I have A Good Excuse

I have missed writing. It seems like months, actually it has be that long! Well, I have to spill the beans, my kids are on their Summer Break. They go to school under an “All Year Schedule.” So they were just like zombies before their break! I wish I had it that easy. Every nine weeks we were given a two week break! Not likely, as a matter of fact, I ha nieces and nephews that go to the same schools I went to and get out in early June and don’t start the new year until after Labor Day, just like I did!

I really do like this new school schedule because I do think it helps my boys retain more of the lessons from the previous year! So I am all for keeping them ready for the next grade. They really do have a unique opportunity.

So as soon as school is on break, my husband and I have to get two of our youngest boys ready to go to Purdue University for their awesome wrestling program. We had our second youngest son go there last year, and he had a broken arm still in its’s cast. It is that great of a wrestling program. My two boys were away at Purdue for about a week!

You would think their would be a little time off while the “wee one’s’ are at camp, but my second eldest son started Tennis Camp as soon as the boy come back from the Purdue Wrestling camp. The Tennis Camp was a Summer long camp at his high school, and he loved every bit of it! The difficult part was the dropping him off at nine o’clock in the morning and picking him up at three in the afternoon. It was a lot of driving for my husband, my eldest son, and me!

So I had four wonderful, beautiful, and hungry sons at home with me since May. I am not sure if anyone is really aware how much food four boys, and their many friends can eat in an hour. My husband was groceries shopping constantly, and I was constantly grocery shopping! I am pretty sure that had the boys been in a truly year round school, I would have saved enough to buy one of my dream handbags Chanel, Christian Dior, or another the Louis Vuitton Lock It, in that beautiful light pink shade of color! My father always used to tell me ” If Wishes Were Rainbows,” I don’t really know what that metaphor has to do with luscious handbags, but I am going with it!

So since there were no new luscious handbags, my second eldest son started Driver’s Education! When I went through Driver’s Ed, it was apart of the school curriculum, now it cost around $375.00. One bright side, it will help with discounts for putting him on our auto insurance. In Indiana they can take the written test while taking the education course, he passed the first time with flying colors. I must admit, I really did not want him driving, I think it was my denial, but he is now trying to rack up the required driving hours, and then he will be a licensed driver in the state of Indiana. Also, I am blessed with a husband with the patience of a Saint, he is taking him out driving. My son always asks me if he can drive me to the grocery store, mall, or to get gas, but just writing about it now turns my stomach! I really need to do something special for my husband.

My boys will be starting school this Wednesday, one will start his freshman year, the baby will start middle school, and my new driver will be a Junior this year. My eldest is a sponsored Longboarder, and he should she attending many races.

So when school is back in session, I will start writing more about the things I love, shoes, make-up, nail polish, skincare, purses, oh and Haute Couture Fashion! I can’t wait. Keep your eyes open for my take on the inclusive love of all of the things women love, I will say, I am not just your acreage observer! I went for two years of Fashion Design, have a Bachelor of Science in Fashion merchandising, and my Minor was in Public Relations. So I have some view points that may surprise you, but one thing is for sure, I will be perfectly honest on my opinions! Hugs and kisses for now!


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I am on Pinterest. I love all the resources, and I have used many and they work!  What I love to pin is fashion, Haute Couture Fashion.  I went to college during the days of the “Super Model”. My favorite model was Linda Evangelista.  To me she optimized beauty!  I have seen current pictures of her and she looks just the same as when she was modeling, it must be good genes?

i have been following the latest fashion shows. There is so much talent out but with the good comes the extremely eccentric! I believe everyone has the right to design what they want, and they do, they really take creativity to the extreme.

I think what has bothered me as each season changes and thus the designs, I have found that the models are basically the same however, they are not of same caliber of the “Super Models” of the past, and I understand change is inevitable. What I don’t understand is the torment, pain, or the androgynous look that has become popular in today’s starts of models.

I see these gorgeous gowns, beading, and fabrics to die for but there would be a model wearing it that looked like, well, I don’t know how to put this nicely but wrong. So wrong in fact all you can focus on is the model.  I was always taught that the model is just the conduit of the garment, never to take away from the garment!

This is not the case, and I am honestly insulted by the theatrics.  I hope that in time these high fashion designers will understand that they are actually doing a disservice to their designs.  The fashion that any and all fashionista look forward to seeing every season.

it is time to find models that look like women who should be honored to put on those exquisite Haute Couture Designs.

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Please and Thank You!

I am not an ancient old lady. I come from a very large family, with a very large extended family. We are loud, funny, sarcastic, and full of love. We love getting together, we are big huggers, kissers, eaters, and enjoy our time spent together. As a child, I was fully aware, I always had my limits. I always had learned early on, treat your elders with endearing respect, they have earned this! Also, I was raised to treat other as I would want to be treated!

With that being said, what is going on in the mind of many drivers? I know, when I went to Driver Education, I was never taught to cut somebody off, because I was not paying attention, because I was on my phone, and missed my exit. Also, no matter where I lived, big city or little, the far left lane has always been the faster or passing lane. But, for whatever reason, Johnny Sleep Head, pulls into the far left lane, and he decides to get on his cell phone, and he is driving under 55 miles per hour! Come on folks, move over, it really is an insult to have a driver get into the right lane, so they can go around “Pokey Joe”, to drive at the posted speed limit! Oh, I must not forget to mention that when a driver make a mistake, and nobody is hurt, the driver should never flip the other car, that is driving the way the laws are posted, off to cover for your mistake!

I am no angel, I swear, I don’t always keep up on the laundry, and sometimes I make my kids eat cereal for supper, when I am to lazy to go to the grocery store!

I guess the moral of this story is, we are all human beings, we make mistakes. That is how we learn. We are not soulless robots without feelings. Fess up when you make a mistake, own it! More importantly, don’t blame others, make others feel bad, or flip us off. We all need to start using our manners. Manners are so much more than all the money in the world. It is becoming a lost art!

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Good Day’s, ey!

UNC denies veteran, 26, in-state tuition as she left North Carolina for a few months three years ago when the Army moved her husband to Texas

This is just another example of how Veteran’s are shit on for defending our country!

When I read this, I felt ashamed. ” How can it be that we are still treating war heroes like trash?

Oh, and by the way, The University of North Carolina, is subsidized by the Federal Government!

UNC should be so lucky to have a fearless, dedicated, disciplined, and honorable Veteran.

This woman was doing what any wife/Veteran would do,mans she assisted her soldier/husband to a new military post, which required her to be away from North Carolina for a few weeks.

All She wanted to do was to use her education benefits, which she earned while being on active duty, overseas in Iraq, and paid the taxes and mortgage on their home in North Carolina while she was assisting her husband, but she was still denied ” In State Tuition ” by UNC.

The University of North Carolina should be ashamed of itself, they are a ball less bureaucracy. The bottom line is what matters. Perhaps the Federal Government should reconsider their university funding budget! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!

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